Evanston Catering

Northwestern Catering, based out of the Norris Center, provides catering for the Evanston campus.

Using high quality products, Northwestern Catering builds innovative menus, elegant presentations, and thoughtful service to give your guests a pleasurable dining experience. From coffee fares and casual feasts to elegant hors d’oeuvre receptions and served dinners, our catering menus are filled with fresh ideas to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates.

At Northwestern Catering, we are also committed to sourcing and serving ethically produced and locally grown ingredients. Compostable and Recycable service ware are available to promote sustainable dining. Please inform our catering team if you're interested in hosting an eco-conscious event.

Meet your Catering Team

Ordering and Planning

Our team members are committed to making your event a success and will assist you with all your event-planning needs. If you are in need of inspiration for your next event, take a look at our catering photo albums.

To place your orders or have a catering guide emailed to you, contact Northwestern Catering at 847-467-6114. For emergencies on the Evanston campus, contact Bruce Gonsalves at 224-714-9163.

Please review our updated Catering Policies for more detailed information about ordering from us.

Arranging and Reserving

All Norris room reservations must be booked through the Norris Event Planning Office. Norris Event Planners can be contacted at 847-491-2330. After an order has been placed, a confirmation will be e-mailed to you. Once you have reviewed the confirmation, please email a response approving the reservation to your event planning representative. 

For events held within the Norris Center, your event planner can assist you in reserving tables, chairs, and other equipment you may require. 

For events held outside of Norris, you will be expected to provide your own tables and chairs. Renting these additional items is also an option and Northwestern Catering can assist in placing these orders along with setting up and breaking down these items.

Sustainable Event Packages

For your convenience and ease, we have created graduation and eco-friendly packages with which you can plan your event.