Culinary Innovation

Northwestern Dining is at the forefront of culinary innovation. Currently ranked 5th in the nation for Best College Dining in America by the Daily Meal and driven by a team of 9 Executive Chefs, menus are carefully curated daily in each dining center on campus. 

"My goal in culinary innovation is providing meals that each guest craves on a daily basis, whether they are looking for a great burger with house cut fries, a healthy snack in the afternoon, a custom made omelet for breakfast, or a high end dinner with one of our Test Kitchen Pop-Up events. Exposure to great food, culture, and diverse dining experiences has become more readily available these days, and it is our goal as chefs to bring the food from this movement onto campus and to our guests on a daily basis. My team and I review restaurant and food trends to determine what we can bring to campus, and challenge each other to bring new ideas to the program each quarter to energize the food offer and excite our guests." 

Chris Studtmann

Chris Studtmann, District Executive Chef