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GRALevel1.VectorAllison Dining Hall is open seven days a week & is located on South Campus. The dining room, one of the largest on campus, creates an inviting atmosphere where students can enjoy a healthy meal while the bright sunlight shines through the glass-ceiling.

Today's Kosher Menu

Door Prices 
Applicable taxes will be applied when entering a dining hall using Cash or Credit Card. Students entering Dining Centers using Cat Cash or Dining Dollars, will not be subject to taxes.
With Wildcard: Breakfast $7.75 | Lunch 9.95 | Brunch $12.15 | Dinner $12.15 | Late-Night $8.95
Without Wildcard: Breakfast $8.05 | Lunch $10.30 | Brunch $12.60 | Dinner $12.60 | Late-Night $9.25