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The mission of Northwestern Dining is to educate students, engage the community, and enrich the Northwestern experience by offering one of the most unique and pioneering campus meal programs in the nation.

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Maximize your spending power. 

    Get Cat Cash today!

What is Cat Cash?

When your dining dollars run out, buy Cat Cash to use in your favorite retail locations. As a student, Cat Cash is tax-exempt. It's like saving 10% with every purchase. Plus, you'll receive exclusive perks and discounts throughout the year, all on the Wildcard you have to carry with you at all times anyway. Your Cat Cash rolls over as long as you are enrolled at Northwestern University. 

Imagine what you can buy with your Tax-Exempt savings...Beats by Dre, a new longboard, Broadway in Chicago tickets, or maybe a new bike. Save more now, get more of what you want later!

How Do I get Cat Cash?

Students, Faculty and Staff can click on the links below to add Cat Cash to your account. You can pay using these easy methods:

  • Cat Cash Online Request Form - Charge your Cat Cash to your student account and set up auto-renewal. Submit your request here, with no need for paper or pens. Just have your NetID, password and student ID number ready.  
  • Cat Cash Request Form - Mail, fax or email your form to the Food Service office ( The requested amount will be charged to your student account.
  • Credit Card Online Form - Charge Cat Cash to your credit card. We accept American Express, Visa or Mastercard. (Auto-renewal is not available with this method.) It's perfect for parents as well as and Faculty and Staff who don't have a student account. (7 digit Wildcard number required)
  • Departmental Requests - Departments can request adding Cat Cash to student, faculty, and staff accounts utilizing a chart string.

Cat Cash Policy: What you need to know!
  • Cat Cash requests made via the the Cat Cash Online Request Form are available immediately and are billed to your CAESAR account.
  • To cancel your Cat Cash Debit Account Plan, please use fill out our Cancellation Form, and mail, fax or email the form to the Food Service Office.
  • Cat Cash may be used for purchases in any dining hall or retail location on Evanston or Chicago campuses.
  • Cat Cash requests made via the Credit Card Online Form are not available for immediate use. Please allow up to three business days for credit card Cat Cash requests to be available for use. 
  • Cat Cash purchases made by students are TAX-EXEMPT.
  • Cat Cash purchases made by Faculty and Staff will be charged taxes.
  • Cat Cash Debit Account Plans are encoded onto the University Wildcard ID.
  • The initial deposit requirement for individuals is $25.00, thereafter, additional funds may be deposited in open dollar amount increments.
  • Lost or stolen id cards must be reported to the University Food Service Office immediately so that the account balance may be placed on hold until a replacement card and number is issued.
  • The University is not responsible for losses to account balances due to the fraudulent use, theft, or ID loss.
  • Funds deposited into the Cat Cash Debit Account Plan do not expire until you leave the University. 
  • Faculty, staff, and graduate student accounts do not expire as long as you are employed by the University.
  • The Auto-Refill option for undergraduate students is only to be offered when using the online form that bills to your CAESAR Account. Account balances, including those of inactive accounts, expire upon date of graduation and are forfeited.
  • Cat Cash Debit Account Plan balances of $26.00 or more may be refunded upon written request, to the University Food Service Office. There is a $25.00 processing fee to get your refund. Balances are not transferable and it may take up to two weeks for the credit to appear in your student account.
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