Plan Options

Summer Meal plans are available for purchase. The summer meal plan provides 21 meals per week at any open dining center for $175. A minimum purchase of three consecutive weeks is required. Meals for the week begin on Sunday and end on Saturday. Unused meals will NOT carry over and expire on Saturday of each week.

If you would like to purchase a Summer Meal Plan, please complete and return the Summer Meal Plan Form. Completed forms may be emailed or returned to the Dining Office. Details are provided on the form.

Individual meals can be purchased at the door. The summer door rate is $10 per person and provides a single entry during a meal period.

Beginning in Fall 2017, all Freshmen and Sophomores are subject to the two-year residency requirement and are required to be on the Open Access Meal Plan as part of their housing agreement. For the 2018-19 academic year, Sophomore students are subject to this requirement and will be placed on the Open Access Plan.

If would like to purchase a meal plan or if you would like to make a change to the plan you have already selected, please submit a completed Meal Plan Change Form via fax, e-mail, or to our visit office in Seabury Hall, 600 Haven St. Office# J147.  If you have a question about the meal plans offered check our brochure or call our main office on campus at 847.491.2020. 

*Note: Students may only change their meal plan once every quarter. Please visit Policies and Procedures for more information. 

RAs: To complete your Meal Plan request, please submit the RA Meal Plan Change Form.

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BEST VALUE: Open Access
Open to ALL students, RAs, Faculty & Staff The Open Access Meal Plan provides UNLIMITED meal swipes per week within any of the six resident dining halls, 125 Dining Dollars per quarter, with 3 Guest Meals per quarter.  Learn about your plan by viewing the Open Access Meal Plan Brochure. **Only $99 more than the Base 14 Meal Plan to have UNLIMITED meal swipes for an ENTIRE YEAR!**
Price: $6,300/yr | $2,100/quarter

Base 14
The Base 14 Meal Plan provides 14 meal swipes per week for use within any of the five resident dining halls, 225 Dining Dollars per quarter, with 3 Guest Meals per quarter.
Price: $6,201/yr | $2,067/quarter

Flex 330
The Flex Pack 330 offers 110 meals per quarter and 275 Dining Dollars per quarter. Meal Swipes can be used for Guests at any time.
Price: $5,802/yr | $1,934/quarter

Commuter 50/50
The Commuter 50/50 plan offers 50 meal swipes per quarter and 50 Dining Dollars per quarter. Better value than last year's Wildcat Meal Packs.
Price: $1,725/yr | $575/quarter

Faculty & Staff 10 Basic ($245 Value)
10 meals
Price: $85 | 10 meals

Faculty & Staff10 Bundle ($270 Value)
10 meals + $25 in Cat Cash + 1 Annual Choose To Reuse Program Card 
Price: $110 per pack

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How do I get Cat Cash?

Students, Faculty and Staff: Click on the links below to add Cat Cash to your account. You can pay using these easy methods:

  • Cat Cash Online Request Form - Charge your Cat Cash to your student account and set up auto-renewal. Submit your request here, with no need for paper or pens. Just have your NetID, password and student ID number ready.
  • Cat Cash Request Form - Mail, fax or email your form to the Food Service office. The requested amount will be charged to your student account.
  • Dining Plans Webstore - Charge Cat Cash to your credit card. We accept American Express, Visa or Mastercard.
  • Departmental Requests - Departments can request adding Cat Cash to student, faculty, and staff accounts utilizing a chart string.

Requests to cancel auto renewal or a Cat Cash account can be made by submitting a Cancellation Form. For more information about Cat Cash, please  visit Cat Cash Policies: What You Need To Know