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The mission of Northwestern Dining is to educate students, engage the community, and enrich the Northwestern experience by offering one of the most unique and pioneering campus meal programs in the nation.

Northwestern Dining's Commitment to Sustainability

   Northwestern Dining is committed to the environment and the implementation of sustainable practices in all areas of operation. From reducing food waste through composting to purchasing locally grown and produced foods, Northwestern Dining aims to reduce its carbon footprint, water and energy usage and overall waste production. 

   Northwestern Dining makes an effort to make sustainable food purchases. Sustainable foods are those that are locally produced, locally grown, organic or humanely raised. By purchasing locally grown and produced food, Northwestern Dining minimizes energy use and carbon emissions from transportation and supports the local economy. Organic produce does not use pesticides that could harm the ecosystems surrounding farms. By purchasing humane products such as sustainably harvested fish, Northwestern Dining helps to protect the many delicate and depleted fisheries harmed from decades of over-fishing. Together, foods from these categories make up about 15% of Northwestern Dining's food purchases.  

 Have a look at the IL Local Map here.

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